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PRANA LED Light Therapy Mask

PRANA LED Light Therapy Mask

The most advanced LED light therapy device for skin rejuvenation

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  • Targeted skin rejuvenation treatment mask 
  • Super-pulsed light technology (100Hz) to aid absorption of skincare products 
  • 138 Light Emitting Diodes [LED’s] 
  • 3 Modes – Red only, Red + Near infrared, Magenta (red + blue) 
  • 4 wavelengths: red (630 + 660nm), near infrared (850nm) and blue (450nm) 
  • Mouth area covered to treat lips 
  • Irradiance: 40 – 45 mw/cm2 (red-NIR)  

All Maysama's LED Beauty Devices are medical grade and FDA and MDSAP certified.

Warranty – 24 months from date of purchase 

*If you are sensitive to light induced headaches, do not purchase this product.

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Use Instructions

As a minimum, use your PRANA LED Light Therapy Mask three to
five times per week.

The recommended treatment settings are Red+NIR, pulsed light, for 6 minutes.

View the how-to video here.

Refer to your User Manual for important information about safety and how to use your PRANA LED Mask.


Q: Why are the near infrared lights not working? I can’t see them

A: Near infrared is outside of the visible spectrum and not visible to the naked eye. However, there is a very slight glow that comes from the LEDs, particularly in dark conditions. Please rest assured that they are working!

Q: What is the ideal treatment time and frequency of use?

A: The recommended treatment time is 6 minutes with pulsed light (or 9 minutes continuous wave), 3-5 times per week.

Q: Should I wear eye protection

A: Whilst red and near infrared light can be beneficial for eye health, the light intensity for beneficial effects has not been clearly determined. We therefore provide eye protectors for your comfort. Please be assured that as the light (or pulse) is not directed into the retina when using your LED mask, goggles are not necessary.

Q: When can I expect results?

A: Results vary depending on your treatment goals, skin condition, chronology and consistency of use. Results may be seen as early as four week, and are generally more evident after three months. We encourage you to record your progress by taking before and after images.

Q: Does LED Light Therapy interfere with medications?

A: Red and near infrared light has been proven in clinical studies and peer reviewed clinical trials to be safe and effective. However, if you use medication such as tetracycline, Digoxin, Retin A, and/or other photosensitising drugs, we recommend consulting with your health care provider before using this device.

Q: Can I overdo my LED light therapy?

A: Whilst LED light therapy is safe, we recommend that you stick within the recommended treatment times. LED is a stimulus which elicits a biological response for health benefits. The bi-phasic dose response means that prolonged exposure, in a single session, can start to inhibit the beneficial impact. Whilst pulsed LED light extends the bi-phasic dose response, it is also more effective so treatment times can be reduced.

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As the name PRANA suggests, Maysama PRANA LED Light Therapy Mask uses pulsed light technology to help 'breathe' skincare ingredients into your skin, to increase the bioavailability of active ingredients and increase the efficacy of your skincare. Maysama PRANA uses pulsed light at a frequency of 100Hz, which is not visible to the naked eye, so is comfortable to wear.

PRANA is the Sanskrit word for breath, ‘life’ or ‘vital force’. In Hindu literature, PRANA is sometimes described as originating from the sun and connecting the elements.

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From Before to After

"I have used my Maysama serum in conjunction with my red light therapy for 7 months and I honestly think this combination has knocked at least five years of aging off my 54 year old skin. This has been a game changer for me."

- Michelle R. | Verified Buyer

Independent tests show an increase in skin elasticity of 55%, a reduction in wrinkles of 30%, and a reduction in pigmentation of 23%, when combining Maysama Green Rooibos Pressed Serum with LED Light Therapy treatments (compared to 20%, 10% and 9% with LED alone).


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Pulsed Light Technology

Maysama’s PRANA LED Light Therapy Mask uses pulsed light to increase the efficacy of your red light therapy treatment for targeted skin rejuvenation.

Pulsed light increases uptake of your skincare ingredients, and optimises ATP output by balancing ATP production and corresponding free radical production with ATP consumption by the cell.


Clinical studies show that pulsed LED Light repeatedly outperforms continuous wave light.

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Description of the Image


Maysama PRANA LED Light Therapy Mask uses pulsed LED light technology with science-backed wavelengths at 630 & 660nm (red), 850nm (near infrared) and 450nm (blue) to effect positive changes to the skin. Select from three light modes – red only, red + NIR, or magenta to treat a variety of skin issues. 

Red Only: Red LED light hasbeen shown in clinical studies to increase the regeneration of dermal fibroblast cells, responsible for the production of collagen and elastin. Red LED can help improve skin tone and texture, contributing to the reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and brighten skin. This mode treats the surface of the skin and is suggested for those who are sensitive to hyperpigmentation or melasma. 

Red + NIR:  Red Light and Near Infrared Wavelengths have distinct but complementary action on dermal fibroblast cells, increasing fibroblast proliferation and aiding the maturation of fibroblasts to secrete collagen for pro-aging benefits. Near infrared penetrates deeper into the skin than red light, with additional anti-inflammatory benefits.  

Magenta (Red + Blue): Studies support that magenta LED light has antibacterial properties and helps regulate excess oil production, therefore this mode provides an effective treatment for acne prone skin.  

Combination Therapy

Aspalathin-enriched Green Rooibos Extract is a unique Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient [API] and the hero ingredient in Maysama skincare. Maysama Green Rooibos Pressed Serum is proven to MORE THAN DOUBLE outcomes for skin rejuvenation when used in combination with LED Light Therapy treatments.

LED & Green Rooibos

Clinical studies show that pulsed light aids the absorption of nutrients. Supercharge your skincare regime today with Maysama Prana LED Light Therapy Mask today!

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